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Le 100% actif, qu’est ce que c’est?


Un soin optimal. Dans le domaine de la cosmétique, on parle d’actifs dès lors qu’il s’agit d’ingrédients qui agissent sur la peau en lui apportant un bienfait réel. Un actif peut être anti-âge, hydratant, nourrissant, apaisant, purifiant, etc.. Ce sont les actifs qui confèrent aux cosmétiques leurs propriétés et qui sont responsables de leur efficacité. Des actifs

Organic product vs. conventional

What is the difference between cosmetics organic and conventional cosmetics? First of all, it is relevant to take a closer look at what is found inside our care and beauty products. What is a cosmetic product made of? Beauty products all have roughly the same basic composition. Usually,a cosmetic (let’s say a moisturizer which represents

Organic cosmetics

It’s a question I often encounter, organic cosmetics and cosmetics “natural” is the same thing? This one can be organic, but not necessarily; Here some ways of understanding to see more clearly. A cosmetic product called “organic” is: Made from natural ingredients, mostly from agriculture (but not necessarily all of it); Note: an ingredient says


What are the benefits of anti-oxidants for your skin? The world of cosmetics talks a lot about “antioxidants” so much that it is agreed that these must be useful in a treatment but do you know exactly who they are? Any dermatologist, after reminding you of the importance of sunscreen, will probably advise you to


Moisturizing cream: how does it work? Recently, a young woman on You Tube advocated applying moisturizer all the time, she even added it in her foundation because hydration never lasted long, why? Hydrater is indeed the key word of cosmetics. On the other hand, many people I met having dry, dehydrated skin, with the recurring

Natural Dermo-Cosmetics

Dermo – natural cosmetics: living first and foremost, for our beauty and health Natural dermo-cosmetic is the use of the beneficial molecules that nature offers us in our cosmetic treatments, in prevention or in treatment. Indeed, each plant, for its survival and in the face of external aggressions such as cold, drought, sun, predators, pollution,


How to prevent and reduce wrinkles? Wrinkles are part of the physiological process of skin aging; if there are natural solutions to prevent and visibly reduce them, they cannot be completely avoided (if this were the case, cosmetic surgery would not be so successful). It is above all important to provide our skin with nutritional

How to use vegetable oil treatments?


A must for uses suitable for everyone. You may have read it in the article here,or understood their interest compared to a moisturizer here,the synergies based on vegetable oils are real treasures of benefits for the skin. Targeted and comprehensive skin care. You are a long-time aficionado convinced, new in natural dermo-cosmetic, or in between,

Vegetable oils: benefits


Treasures for all skins. Vegetable oils are true cosmetic treatments in their own right because of the richness of their composition. They contain many molecules with treating virtues for the skin, complementary and synergistic. Therapeutic properties We know that some oils are used and recommended in our diet and we know the properties. However, their