Vegetable synergies made up of the purest ingredients.
100 natural, 100 active for your skin.

Cosmetic, precious and organic vegetable oils with multiple virtues

True treasures of nature for skin care, they are chosen for
their high quality and properties: soothing, anti-aging, nourishing,
regenerating, anti-bacterial, mattifying, etc.

100 active, rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6, 7, 9… and unsaponifiable
(Vitamines A, B, C, D, E, K…, phytosterols, polyphenols, amino acids, trace
minerals), they will strengthen the structure of the skin barrier and
to ensure its functionality: the skin is permanently hydrated, deeply
nourished and protected.

Patented extracts for targeted action: natural conjugate,
innovation and modernity for ever more efficiency

All face serums contain patented natural extracts from
“green” chemistry and chosen for their targeted action.
Offering a high concentration of active plant biomolecules, they
maximize and complement the effectiveness of plant synergies.

  • Anti-aging, liftants, anti-oxidants, anti-redness and protectors
  • 100% natural and organic origin.
  • Integrated with their maximum dosage (up to 6)
Respect for sensitive and allergic skin

The majority of treatments are formulated without essential oils to meet the needs of the most sensitive and/allergic skins.

Only The Regard, Slimming and Regenerating Synergy contains them for a
very targeted action.

Organic treatments up to 100%

Only organic ingredients are selected to guarantee you the healthiest, lively and complete products possible. (Indeed, “natural” does not mean that the ingredients do not contain pesticide molecules,
chemicals, etc.)

Our treatments are 96 to 100 Organic (gold, to have an organic certification in most certifications, a cosmetic only has to have 10 organic ingredients out of the total ingredients).

The treatments are certified by the rigorous Charter “New Cosmetic” which advocates the 100 organic in formulas when the ingredient is available under this
Repository. More informations, here.

100-active formulas

All the ingredients bring a real benefit to the skin, each ingredient has a function. Even vitamin E, which is present as a natural preservative, is anti-oxidant and therefore protective of the skin against aging.

Homemade, 100% Made in France

All our products will be developed in France, handcrafted, with the most
high demand, by a human-sized laboratory, with a long tradition and
respect for natural ingredients, and possessing exceptional know-how.
Only small batches are made to ensure optimal freshness.